Wednesday, April 18, 2012

All God's creatures got soul

I fly for the animals. As you can see, there's an animal on the end of the wing of the plane. Recently, on a flight to L.A. I flew with a racoon. I'm on my way to Tucson and the Arctic Fox is staring at me.
Frontier is my new favorite airline. Considering my disdain for flying, at least I've got the animals to keep me company, and calm my nerves. Well, sort of.
I'm obsessed with animals. Every kind. Wild and domestic. Feathers and fur. Dolphins and whales and brook trout and beavers. They all grace this earth for one reason or another. Our cats bring such joy and companionship to our home. For those of you who have a furry feline purring in your ear right now, you now what I'm talking about.
The blue spruce in our yard houses a nest of great horned owls. Their hooting is music to my ears, and their pellets? Well,  those are gifts the leave for me in the yard.
     Our bird feeder is quite popular with sparrows, and sparrow hawks, blue jays, colorful finch's, cedar wax wings, mourning doves, and my personal favorite, the black capped chickadee. They are curious and friendly little birds. Early in the morning I wake to the sweet song of the robin.
     The other day, a wild turkey took a nap under our neighbor's dogwood tree. Later on, I watched him get up and continue down the street. It's not such a rare sight to have deer passing through the neighborhood either. Bucks come down from the mountain during hunting season. They are aware of what month it is on the calendar.
     Then there's the antelope. Wyoming has more antelope than people, and they are an icon of the state. They are one of the fastest animals, running 45mph! Their eyes are huge and beautiful. In fact, the largest eyes vs. body weight of any mammal in north America.
     Those are some of the creatures I'm fortunate to see from day to day. I feel a connection and dedication to the animals, in whatever way I can.  So, in a way, I live for the animals, too.
                                    I wonder, do you feel a connection to animals? If so, in what way?


  1. I have my very own Kreechr!

    You know how I feel 'bout my animals. I can't wait until AllieCat can see some Plains folk!

  2. I can see her now, pointing at moose, wearing a calico bonnet. She be plains folk 'fore ya know it. Teach her how to build a fire, too. Hurry up!

  3. She already knows about fires... every time she sees a fire pit she starts waiving her arms around yelling "Hot Hot!" then reaches to grab the flames.

  4. i have loved animals ever since i can remember - i have a list of favorites (connections): the bison, the bee, redwing blackbirds, butterflies, perhaps most bugs, turtles, dogs, cats, foxes and coyotes, ok,,, so my list could go on and on.
    of late, i'm mustering up courage for snakes - big respect there. :)

  5. yes, snakes! and otters and magpies and woodpeckers and horses and... :)