Monday, August 20, 2012

Meet Frankie...

Or rather, Saint Francis De Assisi, patron saint of animals. He's an animal lover, a protector of animals and I've got him in my courtyard to do just that. Frankie is watching guard on the critters that visit. I'm hoping his presence will encourage the local wild ones to stop by more often.
See the bowl he's holding with two little birdies perched on the sides? Obviously, the bowl is for water, however, I'm using it to stash a bird nest that I found. Look closely and you can see they build their nests with just about anything they can find! I tell you, these birds are resourceful! Oh, and if you're wondering what those odd gray clumps are below, those my friends, are owl pellets. C finds
them in our yard and lovingly presents them to me. He likes to see me smile. 
St. Francis was abrother of peace, had compassion for the poor and wanted to pass on his teachings of kindness and kinship of animals. He even wanted a special law, that man take care of the birds and beasts, to provide what they need. Not only that, but to respect and honor flowers. I like that!
Here's Frankie carved in wood. He stays inside to keep my friendly gatos company.
So, take a walk, honor the flowers and listen to the birds. They are singing for us! Do it for Frankie.



  1. love this! and i love st. francis!
    i actually went to the monastery where he and st. claire lived and developed in italy, it was beautiful and the energy was amazing!
    hope you are well and enjoying your day!

  2. I love this post...I am a big fan of Saint Francis...sending you love

  3. I love your Frankies! I have to get one too. I like your bird nest idea... I'm always fascinated by the things birds will use to pad their nests. :)

  4. I love Frankie!!!

    nice to be back here!
    have a bright lovely tuesday friend

    love and light

  5. I may need to get one for my newly designed front yard... :) Love it!