Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Before You Know It, Autumn's Here

It's funny like that. The summer days were long and hot. It didn't rain as much as it should have. I noticed an aspen leaf was yellowing, the wild flowers were dry and turning brown and it was only August. One morning I woke up, stepped outside the Silver Bullet, and who was there to greet me? Fall.

It just seemed too early for all that change, but perhaps the pattern of the change in seasons is different at such high elevation. I welcome the cooler breezes, crisper air and the energy I seem to have now. I think the birds are enjoying it too, as I'm seeing more species than I did in the summer. They're probably busy feathering their nests and tightening things up in one of the ponderosa pines we call our own.

One ponderosa pine in particular is my favorite. It's taller than the others, the bark is more red in color, it produces brilliant pine cones and I love to lay under it and smell the needles. It's a beauty and I've aptly named it Plume's Pondi. Yes, that's right. THAT Plume. Don't you think that's an appropriate name for a tree? After all, she IS a ponderosa pine tree hugger! The noisy plume is also an inspiration to me and the most vivacious nature lover I know! Her writings on the land, her surroundings, and the appreciation she has for every little thing, every single moment of life, just moves me. Her exuberance for life is heartfelt and genuine and if you're one of the hundreds like me, who can't wait to read what she's gonna write next, you know exactly what I mean. I've never named a tree before, until now. So, I say, if you come across a ridiculously creative and kind human being, name a tree after them! Then hug it!




  1. beautiful autumn
    my favourite time of year
    daily I watch the leaves change, getting more brilliant with each passing day
    a time of falling away
    a time of making ready
    a time of harvest

    so beautiful

    love your words and images Miss P

    love and light

    1. And, a time for cozy fires, wool blankets and Uggs! Thank you Cat.

  2. Beautiful sapling
    what will you mature to be
    Something just like me?

    1. Let's hope so! How is that lil' sapling, anyway? xo

  3. Hello fall! Hello Prairie Girl! It looks beautiful in your neck o' the woods! Those are hefty pine cones. I would already like to hibernate and rise with spring. It's hard to pry my soul from summer... and bare feet and swimming. sigh.

    But you just enjoy,,, ;) xo

  4. AH! Beautiful tree! How I dearly, DEARLY love a pondi (as you well know). I hope you hug it often and feel it hug you back.

    Snow on the mountain tops here this morning and a zesty chill to the wind. I love it.