Saturday, February 2, 2013

Move 'em Out

Real cowboys on horseback, riding the wide open range, moving cattle. Yeah, just your typical day in the Cowboy State.

Looks like summertime, but I took these photos two weeks ago.


For hours he would ride

On the range far and wide

When the night wind blows up and slow

His heart is a feather

In all kinds of weather

He sings his cattle call


*****written in 1934 by songwriter Tex Owens and sung by Eddy Arnold



  1. Beautiful post. Makes me want to experience the west someday!!

  2. Keep them doggies movin'!
    Love this post... how wonderful to see real cowboys doing their job on the prairie. :)


  3. love the diversity of mama earth and her ways

    love and light Lynn

  4. Many a time, while stuck in city rush hour traffic, I have wished to be driving them cattle singing my Yodel song!!!
    Beautiful photos!