Monday, July 8, 2013

Gifts From The Land


Wherever I go, there they are.

Sun bleached spinal cords.

Antelope legs of velvet, dirt in their hooves. What the mountain lion leaves behind. She was his meal.

Jawbones and teeth of a deer. Or a coyote. Blessed by the sun.

A ravens wing. A chipmunk's tail. The raven ate the chipmunk. But, who tangled with the raven?

A great blue heron on a rock on a prairie.

Woodpecker nests in a ponderosa pine.

Mountain lion scat.

And feathers...

And more feathers.

The land is wild. Alive!



  1. Wow...wild land indeed! I would love to see all these things. Have you ever seen a mountain lion in the wild?

  2. No Keith, I've not seen a mountain lion...yet. I want to. I really do! This last hike I went on, I sensed one nearby. I took three pictures of their scat, so I know I was definitely in cat country.
    They are intriguing. And I'm so glad they are still around. ( Cuz, you know, out here, people love to kill animals! ) ;(
    When ya comin' out west?

  3. Oh such wonderful gifts!
    We've got mountain lions on the range - but I DON'T want to see one!
    Happy new week, Prairie Sister!

    1. Yes, I'll bet you have plenty of cats in your area.
      I know, having a lion eyeball you from atop a boulder is a bit scary to think about.
      I do want to see one...through my binoculars I mean!

  4. love love love
    what beautiful items you are gift blessed one!

    i love the wild that the earth brings...she calls me to be wild too...thus the hair right???? lol

    love you sunshine
    love and light

    1. You beautiful wild haired redhead, you!!!

  5. Holy cow!
    This is so great!

    I wish I had land to roam that gave gifts like these..

    one day...
    me and that moonbeam ;)

    1. You have good stuff, too! Cactus skeletons, snake skins, roadrunner feathers!
      But, you would go nuts roaming around our mountains, for sure.
      Nice to see you, Ash.

  6. OH LYNN!!! I have to admit, I am envious of your fateful finds... I have an absolute admiration for the skeletal treasures nature so harshly leaves behind... part of the cycle, yes. dark in a way, but true. It is quite a bit harder to find such things around here (and I am desperately longing to find antlers) I was blessed with a couple parts of deer jawbone by a friend of mine and I love the smooth and almost silky texture they have. I love them. I also have some seal vertebrae that I find fascinating!
    Hope all in well with you. I hope your brother is doing well. And as always, I thank you for leaving wonderful comments on my blog, you are such a kindred spirit!

  7. I hike so much in so many different places, it's become a hobby really, looking for bones and feathers. I stumble upon them, mostly.
    I'd love to be close to the water, like you are. Shells and driftwood and sea urchins washed up on shore.
    Always good to visit with you, Britt. Have an awesome week!

    1. There is definitely something magical about being by the sea. But depending on where you are and what time of year it is, it can get rather crowded... I like the quiet in the morning and the space of an overcast day. We should do a treasure swap sometime!