Monday, July 28, 2014

Horse Crazy Days of Summer

These horses have never been brushed. They've never had their hooves picked, or the knots combed out of their manes, and they don't know what a halter is, or how a metal bit feels in their mouth.

These horses have never felt the tap of a crop or the sound of a cluck for encouragement or a loving pat on the neck from some young girl who only cares about horses. They've never tasted an apple. They've never been kissed on the velvet muzzle they all possess. They will never know just how beautiful they are and what they mean to so many people. Just because they aren't owned by someone, just because they don't have a stall with cushy straw to lay down on, and just because they will never hear their name being called, doesn't mean their happiness is diminished.

Wild horses are mighty impressive, powerful and enduring. I see some who are timid, some who are bossy, but all of them have strength and all of them show their sweet side. Every last one of them has a spirit that cannot and will not be broken.

These horses run wild and they are a symbol of freedom.





  1. I LOVE that last photo! It says it all about these beautiful creatures. Wild and free, and they don't care what anyone thinks about it.
    How unbelievably lucky you are to witness these horses on their own turf, to take photos of them, to feel their presence. xx

  2. Lovely writing and gorgeous photos, Lynn. Well said.

  3. amazing, amazing imagery
    I feel the freedom here, the magic
    thank you so much for sharing these beautiful wild beasts with us
    they are truly something special♥

    love and light

  4. Their musculature is amazing. I've never seen wild horses but I've always wanted to. Yet another reason for me to go out west :)

  5. Perhaps they feel the love of the woman who regularly comes to visit them, to admire them from a distance. I believe it is so.
    And I hope you took that skeleton home.

  6. Altijd een prachtig gezicht als de paarden zo heerlijk los lopen.

  7. their behaviours, as a herd and separately, are quite amazing and interesting.
    so glad you visit them for me….


  8. They're so wildly gorgeous!! You were immersed! :)

  9. Love love love these beautiful creatures. Let them run wild and free but always a part of our hearts xx

  10. a stunningly beautiful series, Lynn...
    true statement photographs, documentation in defense of the wild and the free.
    i so wish that policymakers were required to spend time in the company of these fine animals...
    but i wish that for our children as well.