Monday, November 21, 2016

Demand light

Some days you have to turn off the news
and listen to the bird or truck
or the neighbor screaming out her life.
You have to close all the books and open
all the windows so that whatever swirls
inside can leave and whatever flutters
against the glass can enter. Some days
you have to unplug the phone and step
out to the porch and rock all afternoon
and allow the sun to tell you what to do.
The whole day has to lie ahead of you
like railroad tracks that drift off into gravel.
Some days you have to walk down the wooden
staircase through the evening fog to the river,
where the peach roses are closing,
sit on the grassy bank and wait for the two geese.

~Philip Terman


  1. [insert red heart emoji here]

    Love you.

  2. Replies
    1. ...those two geese. A hundred honkers flew over my house today! I've never seen so many at one time.
      They are one good thing about the onset of winter. :)

  3. Some days you have to do whatever makes you right with the world. Hope your day is that way.

    1. And I love the new photo at the blog header!

    2. Yep. And fortunate enough to figure out and decide what that might be.
      We got more than a foot of snow yesterday. You'd love it. ;)

  4. Sounds like heaven! I hope you are soaking up enough light to get you through another WY winter:-)

    1. Why, whatever do you mean, Sheree?! That Wyoming winters are brutal?? ;)
      They can be! In fact, take a look at our five day forecast! Oh, a high of 8? No problem! LOL
      Usually when daytime temps are low the sun shines very bright.
      Sunny Wyo winters!

  5. Very deep and thought-provoking, my friend...