Monday, February 20, 2017

And then this happened

 I found out that the sunshine could do almost anything with one:

Make one well if one felt ill, or change a dark mood and lighten it.

It entered into one's deepest places and melted the thick, slow densities.

It made one feel good. That is, alive.

~Mabel Dodge Luhan



  1. All of my favorite things right there. Bam! I love your wild ones! Glad you found some winter sun. It's special for sure. The radiant heat can warm your soul!

  2. Made me smile to think of you soaking up that February sun. Enjoy, dear sister, and let those healing rays work their magic on you!

  3. All this!! The horses are playing in the sun… TG for the sun, sister. :)

  4. soak the sun into your bones, soak the horses into your bones.
    stand there and meditate, focus on your healing.
    stay away from the negative, whatever it may be.
    just soak up all the good, and it will heal you.

    xO so very much.

  5. wat is het toch heerlijk als je zo kunt opgaan in de natuur, wat ben je dan rijk.