Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dazzle me with your presence

Ah, the world is sweet and the world is wide            

He's there where the light and the darkness divide

And the steam's comin' off him he's huge and he's shy                
And he steps on the moon when he paws at the sky.
And he comes to her hand but he's not really tame
He longs to be lost she longs for the same
And he'll bolt and he'll plunge through the first open pass
To roll and to feed in the sweet mountain grass.
Or he'll make a break for the high plateau
Where there's nothing above and nothing below.
*** Ballad of a Runaway Horse written by Leonard Cohen and sung by Emmy Lou Harris


  1. OK...the tears are flowing. Good tears though of joy and happiness and knowing Beast is out there with his mares and just for a moment the world is right. Thank you for this. I really don't have words with deep enough meaning to express my thanks.

    1. Ohhhh Sheree,
      ANY TIME girl. Anytime. It is MY pleasure.
      I don't know who loves Beast more ... you or me!
      I'll find him again, just for you, if you guys detour over this way next month.
      Come on, Mike!!!!
      Thanks for your passion and dedication to our wild horses, friend.

  2. I share your joy at finding him and I hope it lasts a long time before the angst of trying to find him again sets in.
    And thanks for that tune that is playing on YouTube as I type this.

  3. I am so glad you found each other again. He IS a dazzling Beast.

  4. awww geez. this is the best. THE best.