Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I go to California every day...

Well, not every day. It depends on what coffee mug I choose that morning. More often than not, my organic Italian roast coffee gets poured into the Cali mug. It's bright and sunny with pictures of surfers and waves and, of course, ochre yellow sunbursts. When my brother was here visiting, he saw the mug in my hand and said, "that looks like a happy cup to drink out of." He feels the same way about the beach as I do. You see, when we were growing up, we'd spend every weekend at Corona del Mar swimming and playing in the sand. Golden skinned, happy children. Yes, once you've had a taste of living near the ocean, you never let it go.
     Then there's my Taos cup. There's a special place in my heart for New Mexico. I remember the first time I walked around Taos and Santa Fe. I knew I'd be back again and again. It's true. I celebrate my birthday every year by taking myself to New Mexico. The Sangre de Cristo mountains, Mabel Dodge Luhans house, the unique shops and historic museums, The Native American culture. And, oh my goodness, the art! There are more art galleries than I can count! But all worth admiring  and being inspired by. So, as summer nears, I believe I will be seeing more of my Taos mug in the morning.
     I have a cute brown, perhaps handmade, woodsy cup that I take on camping trips. It has moose and pine trees around it. I like it because it's not smooth and it  doesn't feel manufactured. It's perfect for sitting around a campfire waiting for a moose or a deer or a bison to  come and visit my camp. I've witnessed many unexpected creatures in the wild. In Wyoming they are called "The Locals." 
     P.S. I had some great pictures of the cups that go along with this story but the silly tablet I'm working on is causing me grief! For some reason it's not allowing me to add my photos. Whaa???? Hopefully in the near future I'll be able to share with you those groovy mugs and other photos that make my heart sing.  Until then, peace and love beads. 

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