Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book Lust

I got a tattoo!! A press on tattoo, that is.

Books play a huge role in my life. I'm surrounded by them! In my home and where I work, there they are, standing tall and protected by dust jackets and bookends.

My husband is addicted to books. Once a week, along comes the mail carrier with a package under his arm. He hands it to me with a smile. He knows and I know. Another first edition by John Geirach or Jim Harrison is safely tucked inside.

Sometimes I am gifted with books he finds at garage sales, or Friends of the Library book sales in other towns, in other states. Quite often, C will pick up a book for me because the cover art looks like something I might like, or the title is amusing, or the subject is on moose, canoeing, nature or Hippies!

What would the world be without books...and friends...and coffee...


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Often Dream Of The Desert

SO SAGUARO Pastel on board 18 X 24

Well, it's February and here I go again, longing for the desert. As the snow gets deeper, so do my thoughts on warmer, dryer places. In winter, I think about summer. On nights when the temperature is in the single digits, I like nothing better than to sit in front of the fire and plan a trip to Arizona or New Mexico. Every winter I check out travel books to the Caribbean, Belize, New Zealand or Bali. It all sounds so exciting, the aqua waters, steel drum bands, colorful sarongs, bare feet and MaiTai's. But, it's the cactus and succulents with fushia flowers, the sharp spines on the mighty saguaros, the prickly pear and jumping cholla in the vast Sonoran desert that stirs my wanderlust. Thoughts of this scene are what really thrill me!

Like right now, I'm picturing myself staying at a birding cottage, an adobe, in the Chiricahua mountains. I see a Roadrunner, zipping past a mama Gambel's Quail and her six young 'uns, and a coyote in the distance. Above me in the Chiracahua pine and sycamore trees are flycatchers, flickers, swallows and wrens. Mockingbirds and thrashers, warblers, sparrows and hummers. All singing different songs, at the same time. Oh! There's a Gila monster! And a desert tortoise too. And over there, a white-tailed deer is kissing an ocelot. (Like I said, this is my image).

I feel warmer in winter just thinking about these places in the desert southwest. The jewels in my world. Lands I will never get tired of reading about. Places I'll forever go to. Every year, for as long as I live.

But, for now, I will book mark this page, the one with the blooming Ocotillo, so vibrant orange red. It's time to wax my skis. There's a mountain here that's calling my name.

Are you day dreaming of places far and wide?


Friday, February 8, 2013

For The Love Of Birds


Poem by Kathleen Lynch

I'm no photographer. But, Ernesto Scott is.

The first time I saw his photographs was at an exhibition The Birds Of Ucross at the UCROSS FOUNDATION ART GALLERY. He came to Ucross as an artist-in-residence. It's a unique retreat in the northern High Plains of Wyoming, for writers, composers, painters and photographers.

Ernesto was so inspired by the avarian residents of this wild and peaceful place, hanging his photographs gave the rest of us an opportunity to experience two undiscovered jewels: The Ucross artist retreat and Ernesto Scott, photographer extraordinaire.

Hey, all you fans of feathers and wings! To learn more about Ernesto and to see all of his impressive avian photography, visit:


Fold your wings and dive in as poet Kathleen Lynch says.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Move 'em Out

Real cowboys on horseback, riding the wide open range, moving cattle. Yeah, just your typical day in the Cowboy State.

Looks like summertime, but I took these photos two weeks ago.


For hours he would ride

On the range far and wide

When the night wind blows up and slow

His heart is a feather

In all kinds of weather

He sings his cattle call


*****written in 1934 by songwriter Tex Owens and sung by Eddy Arnold