Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Like a Wildflower

<=== My ode to all the wild horses ===>


I hope you are blessed with

a heart like a wildflower.

Strong enough to rise again

after being trampled upon,

tough enough to weather the 

worst of the summer storms,

and able to grow and flourish

even in the most broken places.

~ Nikita Gill



With special thanks and gratitude to Ginger Kathrens, Emmy-award winning wildlife documentary filmmaker, number one wild horse advocate, founder of The Cloud Foundation, (a Colorado non-profit corporation) and rescuer of many mustangs.

I know more about the lives and complex behavior of wild horses than I ever dreamed imaginable.

I am deeply honored to call you my friend. 


Friday, June 9, 2017

Pier Party

Every ounce of my my being has been focused on the Wild Horses, but that's not all that's going on.

Shall we switch gears for a brief time? 

Let's take a stroll on the Pier in Avila Beach. 

My mom! There is no better person on the planet than my mother. 
She is pure joy.
My dad on his 96th birthday! 
The word 'amazing' is overused, in my opinion.
But, in this case, my father is truly AMAZING!
If you met him you'd know what I mean.
Have you ever seen a seagull's tongue before?
San Luis Obispo was bursting in beauty.
Especially after a very wet winter. 
California did not disappoint.