Monday, February 20, 2017

And then this happened

 I found out that the sunshine could do almost anything with one:

Make one well if one felt ill, or change a dark mood and lighten it.

It entered into one's deepest places and melted the thick, slow densities.

It made one feel good. That is, alive.

~Mabel Dodge Luhan


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Good books in broken times

I am in the landscape and the landscape is in me. ~John Olsen
If there has ever been a more perfect time to dig into a good book, or two or three, it is now.
In these last windy days of winter, in my hibernation I've discovered a new obsession. Her name is Robyn Davidson.
I first discovered the moivie called TRACKS.
Then I checked out her book at the library, then I ordered all of her books (used) through Amazon, and now I want to fly to Australia. 
I want to meet this gold dust woman. I want to see wild hump-backed camels in their blood red desert. 
I'd like to get close enough to look into their eyes. To swoon over lashes as long as the day.
I have no desire to ride one. I just want to look at them.
Not that I could afford to travel there anytime soon, let alone find this beautifully weathered nomad in the first place.
She's as hermity as they get.
But, I can dream about the day. 
Robyn was a dreamer, and look what she did.
"You are as powerful and strong as you allow yourself to be, and that the most difficult part of any endeavour is taking the first step, making the first decision." Robyn Davidson
Based on a true story that happened in 1977, Robyn made the decision to make the trek across the Australian desert with four wild camels, who she trained herself, and her beloved dog, Diggity. While immersed in her story I couldn't help but think that I was, at the exact same time, embarking on my own solo adventure. Her story is ten times more incredible, there is no doubt about that. My story was nothing more than a twenty-something free spirit taking to the high seas in Alaska's Inside Passage hand trolling for salmon or halibut. 
It was mainly about freedom. I know we were both looking for freedom.
Just in case you want to get your hands on a copy of From Alice to Ocean, I won't spoil it for you by posting any more of the spectacular images that the oversized book contain. Just a sneak peek; I couldn't resist. 
I've not even opened this book yet. The cover and binding is gorgeous, though.
  Here, she travels with nomads of northwest India. More desert! More camels!
From the title of this blog post you may have thought I was implying politics. But no. I broke a wing. My wrist was mangled in a ridiculous tumble down a flight of stairs. I just had surgery which resulted in a titanium plate being screwed to bones in my arm. I am recuperating by taking numerous naps and reading. I'm eating broccoli, pineapple, lentils, chicken with wild rice soup, prunes, yogurt and  umberdove's suggested magic potion of vanilla-sweetened red rooibos tea steaming with rice milk. That girl is right. I'm sipping four cups a day of the African goodness and can feel it strengthening my bones already, as well as nine other things that the rare bush does. Oh, and it's a nice complement to chocolate pudding. ...................................   I found an electric typewriter for ten bucks at the thrift store. I can't use my right hand at all. But, I can sit cross legged with Skye in my lap, and tap, tap, tap out a note with one hand in no time. I like the simplicity, the clicking sound of the keys, and the ding to remind me to start a new line.
Snail mail rules!