Friday, October 5, 2012

The Sunday Special

It was Sunday morning. The sun had come up, the temperature cooler than we'd felt in months, the feeling of Fall was in the air, you could smell it! Above all, there was no wind.

Coffee walk! C and I bundled up in sweatshirts, fleece hats and mittens and strolled around our Big Tree neighborhood, admiring all the leaves changing color. We take the same route very time. The climb up to the park where 'on a clear day you can see forever'. We could, and we did. On all sides there is openness and prairie. To our left, a ridge of mountains and trees, looking west a river snakes it's way into the horizon. Wind turbines dot the land to the east, and in the middle of it all sits our little town of quaint western houses and cottonwoods, elms, aspens and oaks. And no wind.

Making our way back home, we stumble upon a garage sale. Like magnet to steel, C is practically inside a box of books while I rummage through vintage fabric, hoping I'll find something to make curtains for the Silver Bullet. Aren't garage sales fun? There is so much stuff, and some of it is junk, but then sometimes you come across something that you just gotta have! Like the treasure my husband is holding and calls me over to show me what he's found. "Look at this. Do you like it?" DO I LIKE IT?? I loooove it and I have to have it. Right now.

Well, it's no surprise to those who know me, that I have, what you might call, "Horse Brain". Lately, I eat, sleep, breathe horses. In particular, wild mustangs. All day long, I'm thinking about the wild horse herds. All day long, I'm scheming a plan to see them again, flipping through calendars at work, lingering too long on horse books in my hands, jabbering about them to my co workers and patrons alike. Needless to say, C gets the majority of my horse ramblings, but I don't think he minds. This is his wife's new passion and he is supportive and encouraging in anything I do. As long as I don't try to bring one home and turn our basement into a barn. Hmmmm...

So y'all, take a look at this German silver buckle with a copper horsey on it! The garage sale special! And I have the perfect leather belt with lovely western tooling pounded in it, only missing a buckle! Oh, and the name on my belt isn't mine, but I don't mind being Martha once in awhile. Ha! Put the two together and this is what you get. Here's to beautiful Sundays and surprises!





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  1. Dear Prairie Girl- what a grand day you had...I love walking the same path just to note the changes and then I also like breaking into new paths. For morning walks though I would choose the familiar path for meditation and pleasure.

    I have weaned myself off garage sales but I am so glad you found that is a beauty! When I was young everything I had had a horse on it. : ) So I know where that comes from. Wishing you a delightful weekend!