Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Sense Of Place

Sometimes I wonder if I'm where I should be. If this is a place that sustains me, brings me joy, and if it is, then I have to ask myself why.
Is it the land, majestic and mountainous, prairie grass and sage as far as the eye can see with trout laden rivers winding through it all? Are the wild animals the reason why I'm here? Is it the birds that sing and greet me in the morning? The squirrels that dance around the trees? I think about our wild animals and their welfare every day because Wyoming is full of endangered creatures that desperately need our protection. Do I like it here because it's sunny almost every day, even in winter? Am I attracted to the fact that this is an "empty" state, where there are more antelope than people. Maybe I like it here because of all those reasons. The truth is, I've never felt more alive than I do here.
I suppose those are the reasons why I stay here, but the other day I was driving down Main Street and the car in front of me had a bumper sticker that read: TREE HUGGERS SUCK. I thought, Whaaat? Why???
This state is not known for its environmentalists, thats a fact. My husband shared with me his latest bumper sticker shocker. He was behind a truck bearing this slogan: EARTH FIRST! WE'LL DRILL THE OTHER PLANETS LATER.
No matter where a person lives, there will always be something that disappoints, disturbs or is just plain puzzling. This is a quirky town, but it's my quirky town and we've got a network of friends who share our views and ideas on life and why we're all here. We stick together and fight for what we believe in, for the children, for the animals, for the environment, for the future! We gather together at parties and share meals and stories and music and laughter.
So, do I still wonder if I'm where I should be? I'll probably always ask myself that question, only because I'm constantly searching and questioning and wondering.
One thing I'm sure of is this. All of my friends are TREE HUGGERS.






  1. such a beautiful place. one thing i have learned is that the grass is never greener on the other side, there will always be someone with a conflicting opinion to yours no matter where you are and if you deeply love the environment you live in you are lucky!
    thanks for sharing your thoughts, lynn, and your wonderful comments on my blog!

    1. Man oh man is that ever true, Brit. I am constantly wondering where oh where is it that I will be exactly where I want to be? Where is that perfect place to finally feel content. I'm a wanderer and I suppose I enjoy the search and explore more than anything. Me, the forever gypsy! Ha! XX

  2. I say you are a lucky and beautiful tree hugger and thank god for you ... I have never understood bumper stickers, the urge to force others to know your belief...on the other hand one should be happy that those people announced their position on things ... enjoy your peaceful homeland...future generations may not have this luxury xx

    1. Oh Jeansy, your kind and wise words mean so much. I'd like to encounter more peeps like you in my neck of the woods, but ahh...this can't be. I'm smiling 'cause you dropped by. :)

  3. I love your Wyoming...your pictures are so beautiful. I have a heart for my Oklahoma - the land. We have some of those same 'bumper sticker' types here. :( There are enough of us 'tree huggers' to cancel out the negatives in the world.

    1. Absolutely my friend! I know you hug all those oaks in your backyard prairie! Thanks for the reassurance ;)

  4. beautiful beautiful post
    i loved it
    it so resonates with me as I so understand your words
    it is much the same with me
    truly the town I live in a quite red-neck...BUT if offers so much of what we want in living in a suburb of a major city centre
    so we take advantage of all the goodness the earth and her surrounding have to offer us here, and the rest...well we just leave it : )

    love you heart Miss P
    love and light

  5. I knew you'd feel the same. And indeed, we have to overlook some things if in return, the gifts of nature keep us here. Thank you Cat. Have a fab Monday!

  6. Lynn, you are wonderful. My favorite friends are trees (and birds and winter weeds and...of course my family.) And of course all us tree huggers from AZ feel the same way you do. We are a minority here.

    p.s. love your boots!

  7. Oh I know so well what you say. I lived in Tucson for many years and loved it and miss it.
    I go back often, to roam the Sonoran desert that I dream about.
    Thanks for visiting and I am stoked about my elk antler turquoise!! xo

  8. Lynn, Wyoming NEEDS YOU! New Rule: If one is found to keep shady "driller" company, you shall immediately be ejected to the moon... to drill. So long, fool.

    Bumper sticker stating an obvious environmental catastrophe? Boom. Jupiter. So long.

    Love you!