Thursday, November 1, 2012

In Honor Of A Cat Named Thai

This morning, the sky looks as though it's honoring the sweet soul of Umber Dove's beloved cat, Thailand.

Also known as Thai. Also known as Fuzzy Love For You.

Many, many of you know so well, what it's like to be owned by a furry feline. How your life is richer and full because of it. Their knowing eyes, their sensitivity to your moods, whether good or bad, and acknowledging how you're feeling and then comforting you through it. The Cat knows. The Cat will always be there for you.

I'm pretty sure Thai and Umber had many laughs together. I will bet he sat on her table and watched her paint pictures of birds and trees and owls. I bet he nudged her paintbrush in her hand while she was carefully putting the finishing touches on a calendar piece.

I imagine Thailand being the quiet one in that household. The observer, the purrer, the patient one. The one with the cute furry ears. He was held and stroked eight million times, and made The Dove smile eight million smiles.

I hope her pain will subside and her broken heart will mend.

Have a peaceful day everyone.



  1. you are such a lovely lady
    oh Miss Umber...we hold you deep

    love and light

    1. Thank you Cat sweet ness of love and lightness. We know Miss Umber is hurting right now and she needs some extra lovin. Your words mean so much. XX