Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No Squirrels Allowed

I love birds. Who doesn't? But lately, my bird feeder has been bombarded with mourning doves. I mean, I go through a fifty pound bag of bird seed in a week, because apparently I'm feeding all the doves in the state. I enjoy the sound of a dove. A year ago, we only had three sitting on the wire, and I enjoyed hearing them in the morning. We live in a neighborhood abundant with trees. And lots of birds. For a few years, our bird feeder attracted all kinds of species of birds. Once a week I could be surprised at yet another new bird pecking at the mixed variety of seed dangling from our tree.

But not any more. The doves have taken over. No longer do I get to spy on and admire the finches, sparrows, jays and wrens. What I have on my hands is a mess of seed flying through the air, piles of it on the ground and ninety nine doves sitting on the fence and swinging from the feeder like trapeze artists.

I decided to switch to a bird feeder that attracts only birds that can cling. I discovered a suet feeder that holds four cakes of suet feed, which is meat protein and peanuts and berries packed into these square cakes, that fit nicely inside a wire cage.

I took down the old feeder, replaced it with my new one and waited. And waited. For five days I had no birds in my courtyard tree. I've not seen a dove around either. I kept waiting for my clinging birds! Finally, there was some action at the feeder. Squirrels! (There are ninety nine of them as well). I like my squirrels but they have their own secret stash of peanuts that I provide them with. I won't have them hopping and hanging on for dear life on my new suet feeder! So, I've been running out there when they attempt to get their grubby little hands inside the cage. It appears to be working. I've not had any trouble with them for a few days now.

And yes, finally, my fine feathered friends showed up. First to appear is my favorite, the black capped chickadee, along with sparrows and a finch. It's fantastic! I watch them cling and twirl and peck to their hearts desire. The only fellas that haven't discovered this new cage filled with goodies is the flicker woodpecker. They are often spotted near our house, and you can hear their beaks tapping on trunks, echoing through the trees, but I've not had the pleasure of seeing one at the feeder. Yet. I just have to be patient, observant and...w a i t . Like the others, eventually, the flicker will fly by and take notice of what I've left him. What kinds of birds do you see in your neck of the woods?




  1. lol
    love the look on the squirrel's face
    "what do you mean no squirrels???"
    we have the same kinds of birds here...not so many doves though
    we also get the stellar jays and whiskey jacks and some other bigger birds that I don't know what they are, but they are black with yellow beaks and the swarm in and out together
    it is fascinating to watch

    love and light

  2. i also got an additional (cute) cedar bird feeder with two caged sides for suets. it's been hanging on a post oak tree for three weeks and NOTHING!
    Not one visitor. We don't get squirrels in our back yard - I think the coyotes and snakes make sure of that!
    Enjoy the cooing and chirping, Lynn.

  3. But Skwurls are ma favorite!!!