Sunday, November 18, 2012

Skye And Sherpa Shenanigans

Up high, in between a basket and a ukulele. One of Skye's favorite hang outs.
Skye is a very sweet, relaxed and trusting little creature. And the smartest cat I've ever known.
Sherpa thinks she's getting away with something in the chiminea.
Hair ties in the food dish. Ever since Skye was a baby, she has had a thing for my hair ties. When she finds one, after playing with it for awhile, she will put it in her food. She likes to dunk them in her water bowl, then bring one to me, like a gift. C and I are forever flinging them to her from afar, watching as she runs after it, sliding along the hardwood floors. She then retrieves it and promptly brings it back to us. We've got a name for her beloved hair tie. "Snakey". She loves that word and the whole routine of playing fetch with them. There are approximately three hundred snakey's in our house.


Cat on the back burner. It's warm here!

Love bugs on the cozy bed in winter.

Hey, that's not a cat!



  1. Prairie girl...Skye and Sherpa are incredible. I could not believe that they play the same game Ollie does. Our home is filled with circles, either hair ties or ring around the milk bottle. Ollie always marks his food by putting a ring in it. We also do the same game of shooting the bands and he jumps in the air to catch it. I think Ollie is related to your cats. I see that he is fond of music, cooking, playing and poetry. What furry blessings surround you!!! xx

  2. OMG LOVE the it took my breathe away!

    now about thos kitties of yours lol
    love the stove stop stuffing!
    and what is with those hair ties gifts?????

    I love pets...they just add so much to a life
    I myself am unfortunately terribly allergic to cats...ironic I know
    my hub and son would love to have a kitty, I just can't do it
    maybe it is time for another bunny : )

    your kitties made me smile!

    love and light

  3. Oh my sweet goodness! Do they own the place or what? Sherpa looking out of the the 'chiminea window'...! Maybe she's sitting on a mouse. Pets make our world (and home) a better place, don't they? :)

  4. yay, I'm so glad to have found you. I noticed that we follow some of the same blogs. now yours will be on my bloglovin list. thank you, from another sister collector of wood, stone, feather and bone (and nests.)

    and (o boy) don't get me started on pictures of my cats! I'm afraid I could start an entire blog just for them (Sky, Mesa, Frodo and CoraBelle.) Yours have those "eyes of love" like mine. When they just look at you like you are their only beloved. So sweet.