Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's My Turn For A Giveaway

Hear ye! Hear ye!

I've made some beaded adornments for you little nuthatches. Strands of friendly colored beads and silver birds swinging side by side. I like to wear them in one long gypsy strand or wrapped around twice. If you want, it can even be wound around your wrist for a funky look while you stroll a beach, or hike among the Saguaros. While riding your single speed bicycle around town, you can admire the colorful beads or if you're skiing through lodge pole pines, the silver birds will sway back and forth against your puffy down vest. They also look nice if you're just hanging out by the fire, reading travel books or checking out maps of places you've never been.

Could you see yourself wearing these boho beads? I certainly can!

Just leave me a comment. Say hello. Through random selection, I'll post the names of the new owners of these bird strands when I return from my trip to the Florida Keys. In the meantime, I'm hoping I'll get to share with you some tropical scenes and happenings in Hemingway country.

Peace and Happy New Year!



  1. oh lynn! the keys!!! so excited for you! we went last year and i loved the drive down to key west. i adore the key west lighthouse. have fun sweetie.

    Beautiful and fun necklace... love all the colors and birdies. :)

    1. I'm going to check out the lighthouse in the keys when we get there tomorrow! You always know the good spots. :) we've been staying in cocoa beach which has been so fun and friendly and laid back surfer-dude. Heading to the keys for the remainder of our trip. Can't wait! Oh, this weather! Big smile.

  2. this is fabulous! what beautiful handiwork!!!
    i have some seed beads that i have a little design in mind for (as soon as i have a moment, that is!)
    i hope you have a wonderful time in the keys, i will be smiling ear to ear this weekend and nate and i cruise down the mountain in maine!
    safe travels!!!

    1. Brit! Are you snowboarding down that Maine mountain?? Yay-yah! I see your smile from here! Happy you are finally seeing your snow! X

  3. OH YES PLEASE!!!!
    beautiful Lynns!
    would love to carry a piece of your creative spirit with me : )

    happy travels my sister
    blessing to you in the coming year

    love and light

  4. Lemme just say, you are getting beads from me no matter WHAT. Thinkin' bout'cha, sister of love n light. XX

  5. Have a fantastic trip!! And I must say, I do love all of my beautiful beads you have made! I'm wearing them to Laramie this weekend!