Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beading By The Fire

Today is my day off.

It is snowing again, so I thought I'd hang out by the fire and string some beads on leather, put on some Lucinda William's and enjoy the company of my sweet kitty's. Skye and Sherpa love it when I stay home. They get me all to themselves. Just us girls. I'm always jabbering at them, fawning over them, singing to them. I add their names to songs I'm listening to. They love that.

"Come on now Sherpa

we're gonna go for a ride,

Car wheels on a gravel road.

Car wheels on a gravel road!"

I take turns picking them up and twirling, spinning and sliding across the hardwood floors, as they dangle over my shoulder, rocking to the beat. On occasion we shuffle over to various windows for a peek at the nuthatches and flickers pecking to the beat of their own drum.

Then it's back to the bowl of beads and a rest from dancing. And time for cat naps in front of the fire.

Sometimes taking a break from the world outside is exactly what I need. A day to sit and contempate. To make room for reflection, ideas and daydreams.

I only go out to get me a fresh appetite for being alone. ~ Lord Byron



  1. I can't believe it's still snowing there!1 Yes every once in a while we need a break from the world to just spend time with ourselves don't we?

  2. I only go out to get me a fresh appetite for being alone. ~ Lord Byron

    love that quote!!!

    snowing outside, dancing and beading by the fire...sounds like heaven to me
    so good to have those kinds of days isn't it...food for the soul

    love and light

  3. Talk about delayed winter!
    I love that you sing and twirl with your kitties. I do that with my animals, especially Posey, who I am convinced loves to have dance parties. She also loves it when she hears her name sung to her in song...
    I am going to do some indigo dyeing today, I think. I want to see if I can revive my vat from last time.
    Have fun beading! such a great hobby!!! (and I love my bracelet!)

  4. Enjoy your day! Enjoy your kitties... Zody loves my days off too. ;) We take long walks (when the weather is nice!)... and he get's lots of extra kisses.

    Your bracelets look wonderful. I love mine and enjoy wearing it. And yay for Lucinda!! You and I could rock together.

  5. I need those breaks too- I love the mornings.. alone... dog by my side, music, coffee.. the escape is so necessary.