Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Like Nat Geo

A bird takes a ride on a bison.
Buffalo eyes
Mountain blue bird
Ol' Grizz
Bruins just before the chase
And they're off
She's a young moose. Will she make it?
Big bull moose
Rack of velvet
A friendly marmot followed behind us on the trail

Bambi was no more than a foot long, as she followed mama on wobbly legs. Just days old?

Could this be a baby magpie? I'm not sure what kind of bird it is. Maybe Laurie would know?
Hope you get the chance to see some wildlife, wherever you are!



  1. Wonderful photos!
    The buffalo always makes me think of Mu since she has a leather toy shaped like a buffalo and adores it!!
    Sending hugs your way :)


    1. Hugs blowing your way too, with the sage scented wind! And a buffalo snort!
      Hope your summer is blooming along with your garden, and you and Nate are laughing out loud!

  2. oh oh oh
    loven' all this animal medicine here this morning
    those grizzlies are spectacular!!!
    what a gift to be around so much wild life
    thank you for sharing sister!

    love and light

    1. Yes! Animal medicine!!!
      It's surely a gift. Indeed. I never forget that either.
      I would simply die without my wildlife.

  3. This is may favorite group of pictures of yours! I love them. I want to come and visit and see these wonders :)

    1. Thank you Keith!! I'll show you the sights when you decide to come out.
      Keep in mind, you won't want to go home...;)

  4. A ya ya....I get so excited when I see exotic as they all are to me the most bizarre is the moose : ) Good to see you prairiegirl xxx


  5. The moose is the most elusive of the animals, so it's a huge treat to spot them wherever we go.
    Always wondering what you're up to, Jeansy. Nice to have you around! xo

  6. Lovely photos! So lucky to see so much in one visit!
    I have something for you...when will you be around??

    that marmot face. didn't you just want to kiss its funny little snoot??
    just don't try to kiss any bears, OK?


  8. oh the wilder, the better! the buffalo - looking so healthy! :)
    I think you are right, that may be a baby magpie. precious.
    you must have been in heaven! have a wonderful weekend, prairie sister.

  9. This makes me heart beat wild.
    That bird on that bison.. I need to transfer that to some metal.

  10. Oh how much beauty is out there waiting to be explored. Thank you for sharing!