Friday, July 12, 2013

Moose Whisperer

"Rawah" means "wild place" in the Native American language.

Here are some pictures my husband took a few days ago, when he backpacked up into this high alpine wilderness.

Moose were introduced to this area in the 70's and they are thriving now. With plenty of willow trees and abundant lakes and no predators, it's an ideal habitat for them.

Look at these cinnamon babies!!!!

And to think mama would nonchalantly let them nurse, in the company of C.

Moose live in such a secretive world, but my husband's presence seems to be non threatening to her.

He's my mountain man, another Tom Brown the Tracker, part Grizzly Adams, and a little Edward Abbey.

A friend of mine said to me yesterday, "you guys attract animals!".

She could be right. Or we are just that lucky.




  1. Ooh, la la! I love moose!
    such goofy creatures and so beautiful!

    have you seen this video? (there is a really dumb song playing with it, but I just turn it off)

  2. Oh my goodness this is wonderful and amazing! I've always wanted to see moose. Of course living here in KY there is not much of an opportnuity :)

  3. O wow...I have only seen moose once or twice, and to think that you see the say you are lucky for

  4. Aw! Look at them! Was that his spy tent? That Rawah landscape is amazing.

    Have a good week dear gal!

  5. precious
    what a gift

    love and light

  6. WHOA! this is unreal!!! I should have been there ;(

  7. Excellent. I needed to see these cinnamon babies. Being originally from New Hampshire, moose hold a special place in my heart. Big Love! Kerry

  8. How exciting. And wonderful pictures. Glad you captured them to show us.