Sunday, October 20, 2013

Of Moons And Mountains And A Bear

I get excited and practically giddy when I go to Red Feather.

We park up on top, among the copper boulders that surround the Silver Moonbeam. The first thing I do when I get out of the Subaru is stand still, look everything over, scan the land, and breathe it all in.

It had snowed recently and the bunny tracks are everywhere. Some other critters' feet prints have made laps around the trailer, but I can't tell what kind. The aspen trees are standing still and bare and I don't hear a sound. Giddiness is replaced with peace.

That is why I go here. That is what I like.

It's also what I need, this wild refuge that makes me think differently. The serene and gentleness of the pines standing guard, those hoodoo rocks that seem like strong arms protecting me from the world I'm annoyed with. My ravens that always, always show up and give me a wink as they fly on by. They can read my mind.

I wonder if my owl will tell me a secret tonight.

C and I have the warmest sleeping bags! He makes sure of that. We've got a supply of handmade wool hats and beanie caps that my mom makes, base layers and smart wools and fingerless gloves and headlamps. With a stack of books and hot tea, we're settled in for a cozy night, in a vintage trailer, high in the mountains.

I wonder if Peaches is hibernating yet? The sign is still up, to be alert of the bear that's been sighted in our area. He's a big bear! It's still early, not yet winter. He's probably still looking to put on few more pounds, to thicken up his black fur coat. I didn't leave him any honey this time. And peach season is over. I hope he's fat and happy and making a den for himself. And maybe, just maybe, Peaches is a girl. I can't wait to find out next summer.



  1. Wow! These photos are amazing! What a great escape from the big bad world. I can just see the two of you in the vintage trailer, surrounded by all that incredible beauty.
    I love this post. It speaks to my soul, girl.

    1. I knew you'd relate to this bit.
      And yes. The big bad world. Sometimes it feels like that and I just gotta run away! I thank my lucky stars for "the feather."
      A yurt will replace the vintage trailer in awhile. My dream. ;)
      You know. (I know you do)
      So happy you're here.

  2. Peaches putting on some pounds! ha ha...
    Oh what loveliness and peacefulness at Red Feather!
    And a full moon for you too! Did the owl visit you with secrets? ;)
    Have a beautiful week, my sweet prairie sister.

    1. My owl told me something late at night. But, it's a secret. ;)
      Red Feather is silence. Completely.

  3. Oh my goodness, how have I never come across your blog before!? Your photos of the landscape and wildlife around you are absolutely breathtaking, as is the writing you pair with them.

    As for the ravens reading your mind...I have a couple friendly (or pretending to be friendly) crows around my house that give me the same feeling. It's probably all in my head, but when I walk down the street I swear they fly from tree to tree behind me, cawing and cawing as if daring me to caw back. I'm pretty close to doing it.

    1. Do it!! They want to communicate with you, Juliana!
      Crows and ravens are super intelligent.
      Thank you for the kind words you say, and for visiting my space!

  4. Love these photos. I love the snowy scenes :) I can't wait to visit there. That's an amazing moon shot by the way. My girlfriend thinks I'm crazy but I'd love to see a bear in the wild!

    1. I know you do!
      And you will. You WILL.

  5. oh I love these adventures you go on
    love love love it!
    the skim of snow makes me excited for winter and then I remember that I now live in a rain forest...and I will be lucky to see that skim of snow in my back yard...but no worries, the mountains are close by : )

    love and light friend!

    1. Rain forest. Sounds cozy and green and protective.
      Of course, you can always go to your snowy mountains!
      Best of both worlds, Cat.
      How was your time in Portland?

  6. peaches would probably join you, keep you warm in the tent, if you promised 'im peach pie, tea, and a beanie to warm his bare bear heard. he'd probably even tell you a bedtime story....


    1. DUH.

      HEAD. not "heard".


    2. I probably do have a beanie that would fit him!
      Peach pie for a bedtime story?? You bet!
      Bear hugs for my bear, Bernard. Always. x

  7. Hearts and stars in my eyes.
    Every drip of every thought.

    That moonbeam.


    Sleep cozy and tight. ox

    1. Man, you are such a doll!!
      Wanna come out there next summer? ;)