Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Boy Named Ruby

I definitely want to share a couple of stories from my California trip, but right now I just have to tell you about my new red headed friend!

We weren't home for more than a day and, well, naturally I couldn't wait to see what the Mustangs were up to. I mean, it's springtime! That's when they do their finest showing off.

Driving along Main Pony Road we stopped the car to observe one horse who looked like he was just standing around enjoying the view. Chad and I hiked out to get a better look at the loner. Inching our way in, slow and easy, we watched as he stood tall, looking in every direction. Then he spotted us. Perceptive and curious, he whinnied into the prairie sky. Perhaps an alert to the other wild horses that were further away on the hills. We stood still, waiting to see what the red horse would do next.

He came in a little closer, extending his neck toward us and then he stopped. I leisurely took a few steps forward while Chad stayed behind, making pictures of the the Ruby colored mustang. Closer still, that horse and I took turns moving in, like Checker pieces on the prairie, methodically, deliberately, coolly.

A mere five feet came between me and the young bachelor. There was an immediate connection, a trust between a yellow haired human kneeling in the sage and this wild pony with the flaming sorrel coat. We communicated with our eyes as the warm wind blew the scent of him to me. I inhaled earthy grass and sage, and sweet Wyoming dirt. I wanted to bottle it up and take it home.

I expressed my admiration for him as I watched him eat snow right in front me. Crunching the last patches of winter slush, our time together was carefree.

And then he got down on the ground and rolled.

When he was all done, he sprung up and gave a rip roaring buck and ran away like a good wild horse should.

If that rowdy buck was intended for me, implying "Take that!" or "I like you!" Whatever it meant, I accept it. The Ruby horse made us grin and laugh for awhile that day. He allowed us into his wild life.

How lucky we were to be near him at all.



  1. WOW! He knew you wanted to connect, to be a part of his day. And he let you! When he rolled in the prairie grass....was he inviting you to play?
    What an experience! That's the kind of thing you'll remember forever.

  2. He had no fear at all and obviously felt trusting to get so close and to roll! That's not the behavior of a concerned horse! I think sage and spirit may be right - he wanted you to play with him! What a great experience, my friend.

  3. Wow! How special you must have felt. So cool, I'm jealous.

  4. My sweet goodness! :) He adored you - display of joy in your presence. :)

  5. *sigh* :D "Wild, wild horses, we'll ride them some day"

  6. "When you think of wild horses, you probably picture some majestic steed galloping along the countryside with its mane and tail billowing in the breeze." :)

  7. Whoop! Exhilarating just reading about it! Ruby is a friend for life now, I think.

  8. This is fabulous Lynn! That roll was a true show of trust. Man, life goals! xoxo