Friday, April 22, 2016

Wild Horses...the song

I was born under this sky
And this is where I'm meant to die
You want to take this away from me and I don't know why...
...Run with the wind, when the chase begins

You round us all up, but you're never gonna win...

Yeah we kick up the dust, everybody gets riled

And we do what we must, 'cuz our spirit is wild...

Wild horses!

My brother has a new inspiration...Wild Horses!
You can download this amazing song right here

Or go to Glenn's website (and download from there) where you can also read about the inspiration of his song, "Wild Horses"

Thank you, to my friends, who have followed my path and journey with Wyoming's wild horses.

Please keep in mind, that Glenn wrote this in honor of all the Mustangs who are treated so unfairly and unkindly, and he joins me in preserving these animals who are native to this land.

*Proceeds of the purchase of this song will benefit The Cloud Foundation.

*****Keep Wild Horses Wild*****



  1. Thank you friend of mustangs...I am off to get a CD. Have a great the acrylic on canvas painting...She longs for the mountains : )

    1. I appreciate you and your love for the Mustangs.
      I can always count on your steady and encouraging words.
      If I still had that painting I would give it to you. I donated it to an art museum in town many years ago. : )

  2. It's wonderful! He can really sing and strum and what a great thing to do to help the horses!!

    1. Thanks for adding the song to your digital music library, Diana!
      My brother has an amazing talent and a huge heart.
      I'm proud, so proud to be his sister.
      The song will forever be the sweetest gift I've ever received.
      Having a friend like you is a treasure as well. : )

  3. Bless the wild horses. Bless Glenn! :)

    1. And bless you too, prairie sister!! ; )

  4. I see Ginger has posted the song all over her social media pages. So awesome Lynn! This song is such a treasure! I can't get enough of it:-)

    1. Yes! Ginger is amazing.
      I'm honored to call her my friend.
      And you, too. We love the song the same, Sheree.
      It's more precious to me than anyone could know.

  5. Replies
    1. No time to be tamed!
      Hey Steph! Bones, soon..... :)