Tuesday, November 8, 2016

In between the folds

Mardy Murie reading the preface to her book Two in the Far North to Terry Tempest Williams::


There may be people who feel no need for nature. They are fortunate, perhaps. 

But, for those of us who feel otherwise, who feel something is missing unless we can hike across the land disturbed only by our footsteps or see creatures roaming freely as they have always done, we are sure there should be wilderness. 

Species other than man have rights, too.

Having finished all the requisites of our proud, materialistic civilization, our neon-lit society, does nature, which is the basis for our existence, have the right to live on?

Do we have enough reverence for life to concede to wilderness this right?

Our eyes met.

"Do you think we have it in us?" she asked.




  1. A sight for the eyes and the soul, Prairie Sister! xo!!

  2. O fer Crissakes- I have that book- Two in the Far North.

  3. Heaven! Pure heaven:-) I wonder all the time if we have it in us. I hope so...but I have my doubts. Some of us see endless vistas as something to preserve, while other see $$. That's certainly the way it is in the Mojave. I can't stand the bright, shiny solar fields in this great desert. Some folks are just plain ignorant.
    Thank you for sharing your slice of heaven!

  4. I have that book too! It's a beautiful quote and it goes so well with your beautiful photos. Your prairie is a spectacular place. May it always stay that way.

  5. I have that book, too. Love the quote from it and all your photos. It's soothing as I go through sad times here.

  6. if i do not get out in nature, if i stay indoors too long a time, i feel restless and angry and denied. i must go outdoors. i MUST go outdoors.

    i love seeing you *out there*....