Friday, May 26, 2017

I'm With The Band


 No More Wild Horses?

Congress just opened the backdoor to killing or slaughtering thousands of them. They also called for accelerated roundups to remove as many as 50,000 from their homes on the range. 

 If this trend continues, soon there could be no more wild horses on the range.

It's time to take a stand.

 Watch the short video announcement. Then, will you join me? Choose your favorite social media platform whether it be Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram or your own personal blog.

Here is the link to get on board :

 Spread the word!

On May 30, 2017, the American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) and people around the world will join their voices in #ImWithTheBand, a social media campaign that sends our collective demand across the country and will raise money to fight what may be the last stand to save our wild horses!



“ America's wild horses are making their last stand in the West. Will you stand with them?  



  1. I wasn't sure how that worked. I don't have FB or Insta or Twitter, just a little old blog and Flickr. Am definitely going to post on Flickr on Tuesday, and maybe on the blog. Can't hurt I guess.
    I've literally been in tears the last 2 nights writing letters and talking points for the phone calls. Will get those done next week during the lunch hour. Really appreciated Ginger's video.
    Thank you and Chad both for what you are doing. You guys are right in the thick of it. Bless you both! Those photos say it all! We can do this!
    xx Sheree

    1. You're doing a terrific job, Sheree!!!!!
      Keep spreading the word. Let's not let the fire go out.

  2. Yes, we can do it!! And why....WHY do the powers that be allow the slaughter of these magnificent animals?

    1. We won't let it happen, Sagey.
      Thanks for your support!
      Maybe you will see those wild ponies up near your Mesa again soon, huh?

  3. Lynn, I've been crying for two days about this. May I use one of your photos in this post on my Instagram (I will credit you of course) on May 30 to get the word out? I've been sharing Ginger's posts from The Cloud Foundation on Facebook and no one seems to give a damn. I'm so depressed at this possibly happening that I can hardly function. I hope you are holding up better than me! And if you are with your family, I hope you are having a lovely time. xo Diana

    1. Oh Diana, your passion for the horses!!! I know it's tearing us up inside. I knew that this administration would be disastrous but I had no idea how brutal and disregarding the work of Trump and BLM could be!
      I've found numerous pages from archives on the BLM website (which have vanished now) where they actually talk about the viable, valuable Spanish genetics in some horses that they deem important.
      (And not just the Pryors)
      I can hardly believe the cruel way that our BLM representatives see the icons of the west; the very animals they are paid to protect and manage.
      Don't they see that tourism and the wild horses would bring in money?
      Nobody gets a thrill from cow viewing.
      People travel from all over the world wanting to see real live wild horses in the Cowboy state!
      I read that you called D.C.! And that the person you spoke to didn't know anything about the slaughter proposal! Not surprising. Brains aren't abundant in the White House today.
      Keep your chin up! I'm doing my best.

  4. I just posted one of my ancient wild horse photos on Instagram with a plea to help, so I don't need yours - but your photos are so much better! It makes me feel a tiny bit better. Thanks! xo Diana

  5. I just added my support to the campaign. We have to be a voice for them. I know this must hurt your heart, but you will stand strong for the horses, sis.

  6. Hi Lynn, how sad that they should try and do this..we live here in BC and we have a protected herd of wild horses, how many people will ever be able to see them wild and free..wonderful you are showcasing such a just cause! Xo

    1. Hi Dagmar.
      Canada seems to do everything better! ;)
      Have you been to see the BC herd?
      Now, every time I go out to spend time with wild horses, I treat it like it may be my last. Sad!
      But, with public outcry and some sense and compassion with a congress final say, perhaps the horses will prevail!
      Thanks very much for your comment.
      Hope you're enjoying life!
      Going anywhere fun?

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