Friday, March 1, 2013

Tracks and an owl nest

An icy blue winter day sprayed in sunlight, complete with tracks belonging to rabbits, squirrels, and deer. Up high in a spruce tree, two great horned owls, soft pale grey in color, have stolen a nest from a red tailed hawk and made it their own. Baby owlet heads will appear soon, along with more action, coming and going, and perhaps a better image of these feathered beauties will be possible.

I am teased about using my iPad as my only camera. It works for most occasions, but this is the result of my owl nest as I zoomed in to the max. Can you see their nest? Sure you can! Two sets of ear like tufts are in there too. I saw them...with binoculars.

Maybe it's time to invest in a real camera. Maybe the teasing will stop.

But, what fun is that?



  1. I would love to see owlets...maybe you caqn get pictures for us at that time :)

  2. I find tracks most exciting...and like the optimistic E i would love to see owlets. At the moment my iphone takes better pictures than my cameral but I too think of a camera that is a bit better. Happy Weekend to you xx

  3. owlets!!!! swooooooon
    about that nest and the ears....not so much!

    a lovely weekend to you friend
    love and light

  4. Lucky you to see owls and nests. :) Hope you are having a lovely weekend prairie sista!

  5. Funny story about great horned owls... they don't like it when you get near their nests, especially when there are babies around. We found that out first hand. (You can read about the "attack" here:

    In other new, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog today. You are far too kind.

    Oh! And congrats to your partner for the release of his book. How exciting is that!!?

  6. Thanks for the "heads up" advice.
    I will keep my distance!