Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book Lust

I got a tattoo!! A press on tattoo, that is.

Books play a huge role in my life. I'm surrounded by them! In my home and where I work, there they are, standing tall and protected by dust jackets and bookends.

My husband is addicted to books. Once a week, along comes the mail carrier with a package under his arm. He hands it to me with a smile. He knows and I know. Another first edition by John Geirach or Jim Harrison is safely tucked inside.

Sometimes I am gifted with books he finds at garage sales, or Friends of the Library book sales in other towns, in other states. Quite often, C will pick up a book for me because the cover art looks like something I might like, or the title is amusing, or the subject is on moose, canoeing, nature or Hippies!

What would the world be without books...and friends...and coffee...



  1. What a beautiful post. I would never want to live in a world without books...

  2. So wonderful! What a sweet man you have yourself!
    I have to admit, I am not a strong reader and it has taken me a while to even learn what types of books I am even interested in. But as I get older, I find my interest grow... I have been in a lull with my reading lately, preoccupied with other passions, but I am looking for a good book to read... any suggestions?


  3. I love books too..there is something so appealing about being surrounded by books...it is like walking in many worlds, isn't it...sending you love and I DO love your temporary tattoo xox

  4. What a beautiful glimpse of your precious books (and tattoo ;) Lynn!
    C is so thoughtful to bring you these treasures. I do see me some book covers that I like, yes, ma'am I do! I'm a sucker for those too. I can't read e books, not when there is paper, print, artwork, pictures, bookmarks, dog-eared pages, underlined favorite quotes or paragraphs,,,, all that cool stuff in a hand held or hugged book!

    Thank you for sharing your passion - a lovely post, my friend!!