Monday, April 29, 2013

Wearing Flowers In Your Hair Is Optional

My father as a young man, playing guitar in the woods of Idylwild, California.

Last year I introduced you to my dad, Guitar Whitey. He was out on his porch strumming some old tune by Merle Haggard and soaking up the sun.

Tonight, he will be honored at an event in San Francisco, at the prestigious San Francisco Conservancy Of Music. No, he won't be playing any hobo songs, but he will be recognized as the very first classical guitar student they ever had! He was 27 years old.

Today, the San Francisco Music Conservancy has over 400 guitar students. The Bay Area is one of the most active classical guitar scenes in the US.

This event, known as Guitarrada, is really about Pepe Romero, the greatest classical guitarist in the world. His father before him, Celedonio Romero, was a world renowned classical and flamenco guitarist. He taught Pepe everything he knows. I'm so excited for my dad to be escorted to such an occasion as this. To be a part of such a special evening, all surrounding the main theme, The Guitar.

My mother used to say that my father's best friend was the guitar. It's come full circle today.

Tonight will be a rare occasion. If you are in the Bay Area, how fortunate for you to be a part of it. It's free!



  • San Francisco Conservancy of Music

    50 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA.

    concert hall
  • Guitarrada is a term invented by Celedonio Romero to denote a group of players working their way through a special collection of guitars. In this case, we will be listening to and discussing instruments from the wonderful Harris Guitar Collection with Pepe Romero and the great guitar scholar and storyteller Richard Brun√©, and there are some further features of the evening. David Tanenbaum will be introducing perhaps the country's first classical guitar student, a 92 year old man named Robert Symmonds, who is making the trip from San Luis Obispo for this event. He wrote a wonderful book about his hobo life of riding trains called Ridin' Free, and he made the San Francisco Conservatory find him a guitar teacher so he could become a guitar major here in 1948. Also, 8 more guitarists will perform on some of these instruments.

    This is a free - and delightful - event.



  1. How exciting and what a wonderful honor!
    Sounds like an amazing man!
    Have a wonderful time, what a proud moment... for you both!


    1. Hey Brit! Thank you!
      I didn't get to go, but I bet it was awesome.
      Tell you more when I hear about the whole thing, OK?
      Happy gardening!

  2. What a great honor..congratulations to your family and to your dad! I can imagine that a musical instrument would be one's best friend. And I wish I lived in SF at least today. xo

    1. That's some sweet talking, jeansy.
      I knew you'd relate to the musical instrument. Remember the accordian? ;)
      I wish I could have been there, too. Nobody went. Just my pop. I'll tell you more about it later, when the guitar man returns home.
      Good to see you.

  3. *smile*
    how stunning!
    love your honouring of your father and his talent
    so good

    and ps, I love to wear flowers in my hair...along with branches and leaves and whatever else decides to grab on and take a ride : )

    love and light to you beautiful creature

  4. how wonderful!
    such an honour....

    [p.s. i wear feathers and sticks and bits of straw in my hair from time to time....]

    * love *

  5. What a wonderful honor this must be for your father!!! Will you be blogging about the event?

    1. Hey, thanks Keith. You always have such a genuine interest in things, and it's so appreciated.
      My dad went alone own this journey to SF. He was very busy I think. I believe one of the San Francisco newspapers interviewed him yesterday, before the event.
      I will know more when he goes back home, after he's rested ;) Then, I'm sure some doozy of a story will be revealed, if I know my Dad!! I'll keep you posted.

  6. A big congrats to your father! You must be so proud of him!
    It's so exciting to me when someone keeps their dreams alive for so long... how young he was when he started and now being able to be apart of this event! Fantastic!

  7. O gosh! Lynn, how did it go? Did your papa tell you all about it? This was such a sweet read. :)

  8. WHoa! I'm finally getting to your blog, I keep forgetting to check it out. Yeah for the White one!