Thursday, November 6, 2014

So Many Horses

"There is no happiness like the pounding of so many horses into one. I imagine I hear the horses laugh. I think it every time. I think that running is the way a horse may laugh out loud. When I am older I will believe that following in their wake has filled me with the inconsolable joy of animals."

~ Mark Spragg, Where Rivers Change Direction




  1. wat is dit geweldig mooi het lijkt mij dat als je daar staat en de kudde paarden lopen zo langs je heen dat je je èèn met de natuur voelt.

  2. Once again beautiful photos of these amazing, adorable creatures. You capture their individual personalities. That is an amazing talent. It tells a story. Xx

  3. i must come watch them pound the ground in unison, listen to them laughing.
    i want to feel their joy.
    especially that rusty brown one, in the next-to-the-last photo.
    and hey. you're pretty amazing yourself. the fact that you enjoy just being out there.
    enjoy it for me, eh?


  4. no words...
    this literally takes my breath away!

    love and light

  5. Yes, my dear horse whisperer, once again you have taken some amazing photos. I can feel the personality of each magnificent horse. I can imagine the wind in their manes, the sound of their hooves. xx

  6. Gorgeous, as always. Love going out there with you via your word and photos. The last two photos really get me. The young black one with the star and snip - oh, I'd take that little one in a heartbeat.

  7. Oh my gosh! there they are in all their noble glory... love these photos and love that
    you were able to be near them - to love and enjoy them. :)

  8. ah, you have captured their fuzzy essence so very well, my friend.
    they look happy, frisky, and wild in their freedom.
    so do you.

  9. Love these black beauties!! And I LOVE your new header picture. I am glad you made that choice - it perfectly suits you and your blog!!

  10. Amazing...I agree with the words the way, the header photo is awesome...enjoy your weekend lovely one xo

  11. gorgeous new header photo & the most amazing photos ~ ever ♥