Tuesday, August 9, 2016


When the hearts of the givers are filled with hate, their gifts are small.

Chief Plenty Coups, Crow, 1848

I went looking for Cloud.
The wild stallion who lives in an isolated corner of the Rocky Mountains known as the Arrowhead's, near the Pryor Mountain range.
I thought about this place I had come to, and all the horses I've read about who live there. It is Indian country.

Ginger Kathrens named a blue roan stallion Plenty Coups in honor of the last Crow Indian chief.

I felt the sacredness in the crags and nooks of the ancient rocks. I sensed their secrets. I smelled mustangs.

But, I didn't see Cloud that day.
Even through binoculars, not a single horse was spotted.
But, I did see a family of Big Horn sheep.
Janis is still belting out her songs through my stereo.
Track #11 Maybe is my new favorite.
Annie Oakley?
Mustang Sally?
Well, what'd ya know. This old broad passed her Zoo and Wildlife Medicine training exam. I am now certified to administer the birth control PZP into wild mare's on the range. Allowing them to have only one foal per lifespan is a good thing.
I can't emphasize this enough.
Our friend Beast is alive and well! Since he doesn't seem to mind my presence, I hope to dart his mares so his family can remain wild and free.
With a little help from his friends.
One of Beast's main squeezes.
Little Green, Beast's new filly.
Chad always finds me stuff on the prairie that I scream & shout about.
This is Pronghorn shed butt fur.
And a deer antler and sun bleached ribs of an unknown.
Mop head.
We call him Luna.
He is as special as any illuminating moon that ever came up.
You should see his battle scars!
Luna's close knit family.
A poem from
This Human Shape
By Chad Hanson
A meeting of the minds. This band loved Chad.
They came up to him. I heard him talk to them...they responded.
One of my dearest friends had a baby boy. I tie dyed this infant shirt for him.
From his hippie "aunt."
One of Chaka's kids stopped by for a treat. Her saga and habit lives on.
Siesta time for Skye.
(It's always siesta time for Skye)
I snuck this sunflower seed in..
Chad: "I wonder how that got there?"
Sherpa's new sleeping arrangement. Table and chair.
While visiting a friend in Cody, we drove past this road.
It reminded me of a certain Alaskan fur baby.

Here is the mud, and there is the lotus that grows out of the mud.

We need the mud in order to make the lotus. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh



  1. Beautifully presented. I got all teary-eyed of course reading it. Bless you & Chad for what you do for the mustangs. You look like a natural shot! You may start a new trend. Darting your adopted herds. I love it. Is that what I'm reading is you may be able to dart the horses of your choice?

    Love you searched for Cloud. You're amazing.

    The tie-dye is wonderful! Lucky child:-)

    Skye and Sherpa look like they have everything under control. Such lovely girls.

    I love your free spirit:-) xx Sheree

    1. Well, Sheree..
      I am still hoping you will find a way to partner with me on the darting project!
      No pressure though!! Hahaha
      I don't really know if Beast's mares could be "chosen" to dart...it's all so complicated and plenty of meetings and conversations with the WHBS still need happen. A pilot program for Green Mountain hasn't even been considered yet. The only solid program so far is Stewart Creek HMA. Those pretty horses...ie 'the Elf band'. I will convo you about that in an email.
      Thanks for all the support and kind words and emails we share...what a pal!

  2. awww....milo road. that's so sweet.
    and those photos of your kitties. so good.

    but back to the subject at hand. that quote at the end. it reminds me that there is a process to *everything in life. it is the journey, the path, that is important in the end.
    that poem. it speaks to my horse-lovin' heart.
    i love that you are tending to your beloved horses. and now you are certified....

    sending you big love. xO

    1. I knew you would like the poem and quote!
      Peace and lotus mud to you.

  3. So proud of you for doing all you have to help keep the wild horses free! Getting that PZP training is major! Love seeing the kitties and of course the wild ones. Love and hugs, Diana

    1. This means SO much to me, coming from you.
      Thank you.
      It really IS major. I agree!

  4. Congratulations on being certified to deliver colts!!! You are one amazing woman...Love the scenery that you share with us. Mophead is so adorable...Milo Road!!! I think she needs to get a sign for her house.

    Hope to write...crazy busy, maybe that is good.


    1. Hey friend,
      Such an extreme contrast of scenery between your California and my Wyoming, I am always happy to share what the other doesn't see. I know you would love it here. Just as I always enjoy the coast when I'm there.
      I got my wildlife certification to shoot a dart gun out on the wild horse range...the darts have birth control in them. They are then aimed at a mare's rump. With less foals born on the wild horse range, the amount of horses will stay lower which means fewer helicopter chases for our mustangs.
      That is what I am planning on doing...working WITH the BLM.
      Talk to ya later. :)

  5. oh, Lynn!! i am so, SO proud of you! you are being the change you wish to see in the world, and that is simply the best!
    love Chad's poem... perhaps Cloud became the wind or the water of a stream while you were looking for him. given your history with the wild ones, i'm sure he will learn to stay in his equine form the next time you come near.
    and Janis... how well i remember hearing the news when my mom was carpooling me and several neighborhood friends to high school that morning. she became an example of the dangers of drug abuse in an era when parents were frantically trying to help their children navigate those tricky adolescent years in an era of turbulence. so tragic. bobby mcgee is my favorite. maybe we can sing that and blue bayou together sometime...
    heading back to california next week to spend some time with the folks. if there is progress on the Soberanes fire i'd love to lunch at Nepenthe while i'm there. mostly i'd love the fire to be extinguished and the air to clear and the land to heal and wildlife and homes to be spared.
    seems summer has been good to you. how is the hand healing?

  6. Congratulations on getting your certificate!! You are the perfect ambassador and stewart for this type of work. You and Chad are heroes, really.

    I love this diary of your day to day; of the pronghorn butt fur, and the solo sunflower, and Sherpa's goofy sleeping habits and Chaka's baby coming to visit. A beautiful, delightful, purposeful life. I'm so glad you share it with us!

  7. Hey there, Mustang Sally! Congrats on passing the Zoo and Wildlife Medicine training exam! You are ready to go out and save the wild horses!

    And....you know how I love those prairie treasures you find. Looks like you've been having the best summer--filled with love and life.