Tuesday, April 25, 2017


These days i seem to think a lot about the things that i forgot to do.

~Jackson Browne

I wish i had designed this card. The only thing missing is a cat and a cup of coffee. 
Illustration by Cat Seto
Owls are in the trees outside my house. For the past three weeks I've been sung to sleep or awakened by the song of a pair of 
Great Horned owls. I believe in spirit animals and the owl has always been mine.
I'm looking for deeper meaning in their presence. 
I'm in love with nothingness.
Looking like true indian ponies, these horses live in the Crooks Mountain herd area which is part of Wyoming's Red Desert Complex.
Green Mountain is also in the Red Desert Complex, where the mighty Beast lives, along with Tuffy, Jigsaw, Bliss, Silver, King, Ghost, January, Ruby, Dragon, Topaz, Muzzle, Little Green, Crooked Star, the Three Prairie Sisters and Pony Boy. 
Although, Pony Boy has not been seen since the summer of 2013, we always keep our fingers crossed that our paths will meet again.
"Where's Pony Boy?"
My first extremely small batch of sage harvest. 
Will someone please turn off the SNOW?
Trying to rid my mind, body & soul of negative thoughts. 
Lately, I find myself feeling agitated, intolerant, bitter and disenchanted. I don't like it.
So, I turn to Buddha's philosophy.
We found some wild horses in an area the BLM call Dishpan Butte. These horses are part of a Herd Management Area called 
 The North Lander Complex. Three other herds make their home on this public land
which consists of three hundred sixty-eight thousand acres. 
They are: Conant Creek, Muskrat Basin and Rock Creek Mountain herds. 
Sadly, and not surprising, they want to reduce the amount of horses in this area to meet the needs of cattlemen, who are allowed to graze their cows on this public land for a very low cost. Oh, yes! The world needs more cows! 
 Cricket and her stallion Gold Dust of the Red Desert. 
Inspirational reading. 
And beading.
We call this squirrel Child of Chaca. He doesn't like me (yet).
I think he watched me bury his mother so he shys away from me and the peanuts I offer him.
He will, however, take nuts from Chad's hand.
Wanna see my battle scar? (I have something in common with the mustangs now). 
My good doctor used the "baseball stitch."  There is a titanium plate from the base of my thumb and then up my arm. It's been challenging to say the least. I still have to wear my velcro brace when I go to work. When I'm not wearing it, Skye likes to sleep in it.
Understandably, as it smells of cocoa butter, vitamin E, bergamot, lavender and a touch of patchouli. 


  1. Wow wow wow that is some battle scar. I can't imagine the feeling of a piece of metal in my body. Can you feel it? Do you sense its presence?

    But....those red bluffs....holy moley!!! The mysteries they must hold. The secret, hidden spaces they musy contain! You'd never get me out of there!

    You know, I've been feeling disenchanted and somewhat bitter, (along with a few other feelings I won't mention), and I wonder if it's because I'm waiting for change.

    Owls are messengers. Maybe they're waiting for the right time to give you your message. I know it will be a good one.

    1. I think you're right about the message from the pair of owls. I'm waiting. (But, I think I already know). ;)
      A change for you, too, is on the horizon, don't you agree? It has been inching its way gradually, and now making its presence. I'm so excited for you.
      If ever you want to explore that crimson road in the red valley, I can give you directions. You're right, you may never leave!
      The titanium plate in my wrist and arm, well, I can't feel it! Isn't that remarkable? I'm having physical therapy done on it twice a week and that is helping so much. Getting strength back and working on scar tissue inside. Abby massages my hand and arm for twenty minutes and then I beg for more. Ha! It's all good. I'm a bionic woman.

  2. geez. the baseball stitch.
    i wonder, as well, can you feel....are you able to SENSE....that titanium plate in your forearm??
    i love that you adorn your arm with healing beads. YES.
    i really wanna be out there with the wild horses. so i'll just pretend when i go out to work in my greenhouse that there are wild horses in my yard and they are calling me to see their beauty.

    1. Yes, do keep pretending the horses are watching you dig in the dirt. (And aren't they spectacular!)
      Those beads hurried along my bone healing. I'm sure of it. They prettied up my baseball stitch, too. Hehe
      It's a little sensitive, the hardware in my arm. When the the weather is cold, mainly. It's pretty minor. :)

  3. That charming painting is YOU! The owls are watching over you, awe!
    I love Chaca's baby. I hope she warms up to you soon. Oh wow, that scar! I pray all discomfort disappears by the day. Peace over your soul Prairie Sister.

    1. San, those owls are keeping me sane!
      And listening to the rain. Man, I never knew how much I could love a rainy day! It's so green now. The horses are going to have grass up to their knees!
      Bless your heart, too, prairie sis.

  4. Your scar! That's a good one. I hope you don't have ongoing pain from this. I think of my scars as badges of honor. One more thing I have survived!
    Your beads are beautiful. I may have to look into how to put beads together. I can see that being very peaceful and fun to create.
    Nothingness is the best place EVER!
    An honor to have named Cricket:-) I hope she brings that little family (and all the other wild ones) all the luck they need to live wild and free.
    Chaka's child will come around. How could he not...
    I know the negativeness creeping around is so unsettling. Sometimes I just stop, look around at what I have and what I am doing at that very moment and focus on how lucky and happy I am. Mindfulness is the path to positivity. But it can so hard to get there. I know:-)

    1. It's just so hard to ignore the destroyer's plans!
      Remember, you live in California. And I live in THE reddest state where I am (practically) forced to be the "invisible librarian." To turn my head, to cover my ears, to not open my mouth...
      Oh Sheree, there is an undercurrent here, a wee pocket of like-minded Wyo-folk who I get to socialize with. And I'm so grateful to have them in my life.
      It gives me hope and optimism. Love where you live! Isn't that what they say?? Sheree, I'm trying. I really am.
      But, truthfully, nothingness really is the best place. As long as it is full of wild horses! For me, anyway. That and Red Feather.
      Thank you for all your nice words. So encouraging.

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