Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Gold Dust of the Red Desert

Without further ado, I present:

Gold Dust

We're convinced he is a descendent of the famous Red Desert stallion, Desert Dust.
The ghost of a handsome palomino stallion races across the ridges of Wyoming’s Red Desert. For back in his home, he his king. He is Desert Dust, perhaps the most famous wild horse of the West. 
(Surprise surprise, the BLM has suddenly removed all important historical information from their website. It is very frustrating, and so, if you click on any links following the BLM history of the Red Desert wild horses or ANY information on previous roundups, etc, you will most likely see PAGE NOT FOUND. ) They are erasing history from public view. If they rewrite history, facts, statistics and incidences concerning our wild horses, then there is no way to prove them wrong.
Trump is behind this decision. He is the worst human. If you don't like what I say about that disgusting scumbag then you might not want to visit my site. 
I don't have one good thing to say about him.
 Desert Dust’s story is one of legend perfect for the movies. In the late thirties and early forties, the palomino proved too elusive for commercial horse wranglers rounding up mustangs in the Red Desert for market, until 1945 when Frank Robbins of Glenrock, Wyo., helped catch him.

On that day, another man, Verne Wood, took a photo of the wild horse standing defiant against a backdrop of red rock. That photo circled the world and came to epitomize the character of the American mustang.

Desert Dust was spared the fate of the slaughter house, so often destined for other captured horses. He went on to become a famous rodeo horse, drawing crowds to tiny towns, only to die a legendary death when a passerby shot then mutilated the horse while he was grazing in a pasture.

The story of Desert Dust helped inspire the movement that led to the passage of the Wild Horse Protection Act of 1959 and later the Wild and Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971.

Today the largest herd of wild horses in Wyoming roams the Red Desert with more than a thousand mustangs in Adobe Town alone. Virtually from corner to corner in the Red Desert visitors stand a good chance of seeing the flash of mane and whip of tail signifying a mustang. 

<<<<<<=========Notes from the Big Empty========>>>> 


From a distance I knew I had struck gold.  
Gold Dust is a yawner.
The many yawns of Gold Dust.
He is saying "go away!"
He has a pretty little mare with the sweetest face.   

 I don't know what to call her. AND I don't know if she's pregnant or not, I can't tell, but I'm hoping she is!

Any ideas? She is special.  



Thank you for supporting our wild horses!


  1. I LOVE what you say about that disgusting scumbag.

    1. Haha! Good! SO happy to hear you say that. Truly I am.
      Thanks. :)

  2. I remember Desert Dust. I loved that horse! Had no idea that's how he died:-(
    The fight is just going to get worse. It's scary times all around. Not just for the horses, but for the world in general.
    How about Cricket? That face looks like Cricket to me:-) And Crickets bring good luck. Those horses need all the luck they can get.
    Love your spirt, Sheree

    1. It's final. Her name is Cricket! 💕
      Sheree, thanks for the support. I can always count on you to be on my side.
      Not just for the horses. We're going to need lots of cricket luck these days and for the next few years.

  3. It's just sad that some moron shot Desert Dust.
    But you've found your own little piece of his legacy. Gold Dust and Cricket. And hopefully a new little Dust soon!

    1. Julie, I absolutely love the way you put that. Surely we have found a piece of of his legacy! And no one can take that away. That memorable day making pictures of one of the most incredible stallions I have ever seen. He's definitely not just another horse!
      Little Dust! If I find a foal with them in June that's what we shall call it. 💛

  4. red dirt, you make me chuckle, and that's a good thing.

    that stallion is one very handsome horse, he is.
    i love his weighty lines, his beautiful conformation.
    but especially, i like his tangled mane.
    and really, i love that cricket adores him!

    with big love for you and the horses....


  5. Haha! Hey, there's no pretending with me. Thanks for the chuckle (or snicker).
    Bernard, I took so many close ups of his knotty, tangled mane!
    You should have seen these two. Wish you could.
    Thank you!

  6. You struck gold! He's handsome - I like his mate's name - Cricket. Before I read comments, Shulamite came to mind. :) The beautiful dark lover to Song of Songs. Maybe she needs a mid-east middle name? lol

    xx hugs and happy weekend!

  7. What amazing photos, let's hope they can stay wild and free for a long time.
    Happy last week of April!

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