Wednesday, September 17, 2014



It's been a whirlwind, this new beginning of Autumn. A flurry of flying, plane changes, luggage carousels, rental cars, maps and schedules, and along with it, songs and stories topped off with laughter and comfortable quiet, a thousand hugs and a kiss goodbye.

I discovered something about myself on this trip. I'm no good at airports. I'm impatient, intolerant and nervous. My heart flutters and I bite my nails. My short attention span gets even shorter. I get disoriented and confused and I don't drink enough water. I get a little grouchy. I worry my plane will crash. I always worry about that.

I discovered, or I should say, re confirmed the fact that I am uncomfortable around crowds of people and the blather, all the clamor and the noise! Good heavens!

Relieved to be back in Denver, I drove without hesitation, straight for the village of Red Feather. Like a miner, my headlamp was the only light I saw, except for the infinite stars above me, as I walked the pathway to the door of that little tin can in the woods.

I didn't hear a sound.

I collapsed in my little bed in the Silver Moonbeam and I dreamed of a black bear.




  1. I hate flying. In fact. I won't fly. Period. I drive or I don't go at all.

    So glad to hear you've reached your place of solitude. The Silver Moonbeam must feel like heaven right about now. : )

  2. That was beautiful! I totally relate to the travel part ….wishing I had a Silver Moonbeam to come home to.

  3. I'm with ya. It also seems like flying has become more of a fiasco over the years.
    Glad you've landed safely in the moonbeam. Big time hugs and sweet bear dreams. :)

  4. Man, I feel like I could have written that bit about flying and airports. Blech! And the noise, noise, noise, both auditory and physical noise just exhaust me.
    Glad you made it to a place you love. A place of peace, quiet and joy.

  5. i used to be SO afraid in planes. now i just relax and tell myself, if it's my "time" i want to relax into the moment and just take it all in. and then, pretty soon, i am at the destination point, safe and sound.

    so glad you made it to the tin can in the woods. SO glad.
    and, i love that you dreamed of a bear!


  6. I too hate airports. The queues, the noise, the impatience. It's a means to an end.

  7. "I collapsed in my little bed in the Silver Moonbeam and I dreamed of a black bear" - i reaallly LOVE it. airport can be so tiring. gah. glad that now you're back safe and sound