Thursday, July 20, 2017

She was not an ordinary Dove


 ***Her name is UmberDove

She was a painter. Oh, man that girl could paint!
She was a silversmith. 
She handmade this "Migration" ring I wear around my finger.
This is how she described her creation: 
"As I pierced and hand-sawed every single little hoof print, I felt myself migrating. White-tail deer prints.
 I believe in where you are."
She loved all animals and rivers and birds and trees. 
Feathers. Feathers. Feathers.
And rocks. 
Sun bleached bones, antlers and skulls.
She ran to the mountains. She walked deer trails.
She was star dust (She was Golden).
She was a storyteller. 
She was brave. A real warrior.
And she loved life.
Everyone who ever knew her, loved her.
Everyone who never met her, loved her.
We wrote letters.
I received words of comfort and encouragement and enlightenment from her when my very own brother was battling cancer. He is a professional drummer.
 Everyday, he is trying to beat cancer like a drum.
I still have letters she wrote to me from coffee houses in Santa Cruz. 
I still have letters and postcards she wrote to me when she moved to the Pacific Northwest.
She said, "With every track, striding a bit farther north, into a depth of sun I just now realize I've been missing." 
Just two years ago, we made plans to go find the Wyoming wild horses together. 
It never happened. 
***Now I understand. 
UmberDove was my friend. 
I say with tremendous sadness, this gentle bird has flown.
And I will miss her. 

***Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha



  1. Beautiful for a beautiful person. I was very touched when I heard the news. The world was lucky to share her. - Sandra B

    1. Hi!
      That's it- "The world was lucky." She was everything good. That I know.
      Thanks a lot for being here today, Sandra.

  2. I am very sorry Lynn...baffled, don't want to think about her disappearance...she is part of the very nature she loved, all around us xx

    1. Hi Mona,
      You nailed it.
      I know a whole lot of people who are nature lovers. Who are one with the land; part of nature. BUT, Kelly WAS nature. Everything she did and drew and painted and soldered WAS the very essence of nature. What a loss for this earth!
      Pinch me. Is this real?
      Love you tons.

  3. She created a necklace I would have loved to have had. Just the word Wild on a chain. It was so simple, yet spoke volumes. I love your ring. That is very special. So sad... But I bet she lived a full life in the short time she was here.

    1. You're right on, Sheree. If anyone lived a full life, it was UmberDove. I don't know anyone who wrote essays and stories like she did. Who thought like she did.
      If you ever get some time, read her blog. And keep reading.
      You will see exactly who she was and then find yourself loving life more and more.
      Thanks for your kind and genuine words. Always.
      Love ya, buddy.

  4. That is such a beautiful tribute to your soul-friend.

    1. THAT is the nicest, most sincere comment, in a nutshell.
      Sagey, you are the best.

  5. I'm so sorry and saddened to hear this. So many of us treasured her gentle soul. I pray comfort to all her family and friends.

  6. Hi San,
    Yeah, she was this special soul, prevalent in the art world, wasn't she? Seems she was admired by everybody. Thanks for stopping by.
    PS it's 96 degrees here! Aw, that's kinda too hot, even for me! ;)

  7. Gosh, this makes me tear up all over again. I keep doing that, and I never even knew her. I was always such an admirer, and in awe, and a little too shy to really step up and say hello. I feel like there's a lesson there. When I discovered her years ago, her work honestly changed me. Her influence was so strong, so loving, so solid. What a beautiful soul, and a beautiful tribute you've written.

  8. ...yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
    She was life embodied and the sweetest friend and sister ever
    thank you for this Lynn
    I stand with you in the grief and joy of it all
    Love you
    love and light