Saturday, June 30, 2012

Deep Canyons and Wild Horses

We pitched our tent creek side. The piney woods were quiet, the temperature was comfortable and the robin's were busy. We fly fished. I caught a brook trout, made a beaded necklace and was blessed by the presence of a doe.
After good campfire coffee in the morning, we headed for Shell canyon. It's actually an oasis, as you can see. Catching our breath from the beauty, we then drove to Big Horn canyon. Wow. Look how deep that canyon is! There was hardly a breeze, the hawks were hanging from the sky. The Big Horn river was jade against the red cliffs. It's high and rugged. This is Crow Indian country.
If that's not enough beauty for one day, let me show you the grandest view of all. Look at Big Blackie. He's a show off. And his pretty pals too. These mustangs are wild and free to roam the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. The herd are descendants of Spanish horses brought  here 200 years ago. Preserving these beauties and their history is essential. Horse lovers, you can visit the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center in Lovell, Wyoming and then go see them for yourself, and the unique land they call home. You will leave there with your own spirit a little more wild and free.


  1. Thank you for letting me fly through here with you! It's amazingly vast, rugged and beautiful. The Big Horn river is a jade!! Look at those mustangs - wild and free indeed. :)

  2. I must go there! Such beautiful pics and such an interesting blog!