Monday, June 4, 2012

I made a bracelet...

And I'm giving it away. If you like leather, wood and pandora beads dangling from your wrist, then this bracelet could be yours! Leave a comment pertaining to...well, anything at all, and next week I will draw a name from the prairie bonnet and post it. This blog is rather new and I don't have many visitors yet, (I know, sad isn't it?) so your chances of winning are pretty good! With that said, I'm heading out on my bicycle to check out the osprey nest down by the river. Happy Monday!


  1. Hello :) I'm reading your blog!! Haven't seen you in a while, but I found it through a link on Facebook!! Let's get together on my porch SOON!! Marabeth
    ps, the bracelet is beautiful! and I love reading of your adventures!

  2. Marabeth! What a nice surprise. Thanks for being here :-) After I come down from the big horns, I'll skip on over to "th porch" and we can gab about summertime. Oh, and I've got something for you!

  3. 1. I LOVE the bracelet...the flower swirls in the beads are wonderful and I like how you paired it with wood and leather!
    It's gorgeous!.

    2. Like you, my blog is new, not many visitors,,, but that's ok. I love your posts!

    3. Do tell, how was the osprey nest?!?!?!


    That is the mystery of the polka dotted feather.) :) I hope it linked...