Friday, July 6, 2012


           I don't go anywhere without a hair tie  
        or my lucky antler bangle.

Sometimes you just don't have anything to share except for silliness. So, be silly already!
If you like my antler bangle bracelet, you can get one at :: littleowlarts on Etsy. Handmade and gorgeous!!!


  1. lol
    love it
    and so get it
    as one with the same kind of hair!!!

    lovely weekend to you Miss Prairie

    love and light

  2. you are so wonderful! the bangle looks fabulous with your outfit (and i am totally envious of your gorgeous hair!!!)
    silliness is such an important part of life... i feel like i am always being silly!
    i hope you have a glorious weekend!

  3. Angel Goldie-locks! You are too cute!

  4. Miss Cat with curls: I only hope you are smiling now. I've been thinkin' bout cha. xx
    Brit: keep making bracelets and keep being silly. Wish we could be silly together!
    Sweet San D: thanks for being here, my sweet prairie friend.