Thursday, May 31, 2012

Destination Big Sur

I've been winding my way up and down, twisting and turning on the scenic Highway 1. Driving the central coast of California is jaw dropping. It made me queasy too. The jutting cliffs and crashing surf, jade and turquoise water tumbling into pure white foam lining the shore. Then back out again. Repeat. The ocean is a mystery. To stare out into it, I find it both calming and sort of eerie. I think about all the sea creatures that reside in that massive under water world. What's really going on down there that we don't know about? I think about boats that have capsized, and the lives lost. What about the oil spills that occur and all the junk deposited in the sea. I hope the whales are doing fine.
I grew up on the beach, but I'm afraid of tidal waves and the unpredictability of big water. It can swallow you up.
When I was nineteen, I went to Alaska with my best friend. We got jobs as deckhands on commercial salmon fishing boats. It was thrilling and fun and we were adventurous. One day my friend went out fishing on a 32 ft. trawler and never came back. I quit fishing after that.
Driving up to Big Sur reminded me of how massive the ocean is. Standing on the shore just watching the repetitive motion of gigantic waves pounding the rocks, and the sound of it all, that ROAR, puts it all into perspective of how powerful mother nature is.
We pitched our tent under a giant, old, Redwood tree and drank tea around a blazing campfire. It is a magnificent forest, with plenty of entertaining stellar jays, bopping around and squawking, looking so blue black and noble.
Highway 1 has been called one of the most scenic drives in the world. I didn't know that, but I wouldn't argue one bit. If you've never been on it before, it should be on your "bucket list" of places to see.
Would you share with me one of your most favorite drives?



  1. I loved Big Sur area when I lived in California. You could pitch a tent right on the beach..and wake up to high tide in your tent. Have a great time.

  2. Haha! Really? Nothing worse than water in your tent! Let me ask you, where in cali did you live? We're both cali gals residing in wyoming. Imagine that!

  3. Lynn - The Ocean - Gives and Takes,,, Oh my, just thinking about your friend who never returned. That must have been tough for you. :( The Ocean is definitely fearsome and awesome and mysterious.
    My husband is a huge ocean lover. I grew up in Germany next to a lake and river. :) So those are my favorite waters~~~~

    We have Route 66 around here,,, it's really cool.