Friday, February 8, 2013

For The Love Of Birds


Poem by Kathleen Lynch

I'm no photographer. But, Ernesto Scott is.

The first time I saw his photographs was at an exhibition The Birds Of Ucross at the UCROSS FOUNDATION ART GALLERY. He came to Ucross as an artist-in-residence. It's a unique retreat in the northern High Plains of Wyoming, for writers, composers, painters and photographers.

Ernesto was so inspired by the avarian residents of this wild and peaceful place, hanging his photographs gave the rest of us an opportunity to experience two undiscovered jewels: The Ucross artist retreat and Ernesto Scott, photographer extraordinaire.

Hey, all you fans of feathers and wings! To learn more about Ernesto and to see all of his impressive avian photography, visit:

Fold your wings and dive in as poet Kathleen Lynch says.



  1. I love owls!! I have only seen them a time or two in my life. What beautiful creatures they are.

  2. oh oh oh
    I LOVE these images
    LOVE this post
    the birds
    they speak to me
    hawk eagle owl...they are my brothers and sister
    gorgeous friend!

    love and light

  3. LOVE that running pheasant shot. :)
    And the barnie....what a beauty.