Monday, September 12, 2016

Just Another Day


It's just another day for us here on the prairie in Wyoming.

Sadly, it's not just another day for some wild horses I know.

I was going to talk about this:

Instead, I will let my friend, Carol Walker, tell you the story.

I'm too outraged to even try.



  1. It's heartbreaking. It's absolutely heartbreaking to know that while the sun shines and life goes on, these beautiful horses are....I can't even say it.
    All my love, dear woman.

  2. It's pathetic that it has come to this. What was the BLM thinking with all of these roundups and stockpiling of horses with no solution in sight? They continued down the same path with no attempt to manage the horses on the range, meanwhile costing taxpayers a fortune. I'm angered all the way around. It's not right for the horses or the taxpaying public. My money would have been better spent developing a plan to administer PZP years ago. This situation was avoidable.

    Honestly I don't think there's a snowballs chance in hell the horses will be returned to the range. As much as I would love to see it...

    What I am wondering is what is Plan B? How can those horses lives be spared other than their return to the range? I truly believe there has to be a back up plan when the BLM and/or Congress say it isn't happening. What then?

    Madeline Pickens couldn't pull it off. I thought Mustang Monument was perfect. She had unlimited funds and the BLM and Elko County still prevented her from becoming successful. If you don't know about Mustang Monument, it's an interesting story.

    I wrote everyone Carol suggested. The harshest I got was wishing them endless sleepless nights... I feel bad for even saying that. Ben Masters responded, or at least his staff did. I bought his movie ('s a great movie about what Mustangs are capable of if you have’t seen it)and read his blog. He voted to kill the horses. He's adopted 7 mustangs and works with others to promote adoption. He isn't a bad person. I did glean from his blog he considers the mustangs similar to dogs and cats. We kill excess dogs and cats and it’s an accepted norm, ergo the same should apply to wild horses. Its good to get to know your opposition and how they think. I hadn't thought about it that way and can see where other folks may be coming from. Please don't read this as I agree with killing 45K horses. It's just good to know all sides of the argument so you can argue smarter.

    I'm sorry. I am rambling. I feel helpless here my little corner of the Mojave. I was talking to Mike over the weekend about all of this, to the point he thinks I am going to leave him to move to WY to save wild horses. I assured him that's not the case, but it did sound tempting;-) (I'm kidding Mike!)

    Lynn, you are my closet link to these wild horses. I have your website bookmarked. I will keep checking it. I want to help!

    Hang in there, we are in this together.

    1. We are STILL in this together, Sheree!
      It's not will never be over. You know...
      Come on! Dart with me! (You know you want to).
      Talk to ya later.

  3. A joke for you:

    BLM Mission Statement
    It is the mission of the Bureau of Land Management to
    sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of
    the public lands for the use and enjoyment
    of present and future generations.

    1. Very good, Jerry. That couldn't have come at a better time.
      I will remind them of that every chance I get. And use it often.
      Thanks for being here.
      PS: The outpouring of the peeps put a halt to that nonsense, didn't it?!

  4. colourful kitchen ware.
    sweet lazing kitty.
    *love* that last photo....

    i have shed many a tear over the wild horses....


    1. I know!
      But, dry your eyes now, baby! Hear the thunder of hooves??
      They will not be tamed! ;)

  5. Hugs to you, dear prairie sister. Hugs.

  6. Bravo to all who spoke up! Good news, for now, anyway. Hopefully today's decision is an indication that the BLM is willing to listen in the future.

    But also, your day in photos is just so delightful. Love all of the domestic and forest shots. I love that sage (and thank you so much for my little smudge!)

    1. Yes, what a great turn around for the horses!
      Our work's not over yet.
      Keep speaking up!
      I hope you are right about the BLM paying closer attention and listening, finally.
      Happy you like your bundle. :)