Monday, March 20, 2017

It's springtime on Yellow Wolf Way

Only a trace of snow left on the land where the Silver Moonbeam rests.
Our nice neighbor came over to sit with us on the rocks and he told us stories about what this winter was like in the village of Red Feather Lakes.
He said that a hurricane force wind blew through a few weeks ago. At a hundred mph it was capable of blowing our canoe, which normally is kept secure under the ponderosa pines, down the hill and onto "the porch" of the trailer.
I remind myself that Red Feather is surrounded by wilderness. We are right in the middle of Roosevelt National Forest, 8,500 feet high in the Rawah Wilderness Area, so naturally the winters can be a little mean.
As always, I could not count how many Ravens came by to welcome us back home.
We were also told that the bobcats are still climbing the boulders in our "front yard."
I'm certain this is their den.
Complete with scat.
And evidence of the "resident rabbit" kill.
(I loved that rabbit.)
Deer stopped by.
Happily, the moose did too.
It looks like another trip to the Buddhist Shambhala Mountain Retreat (right down the road) is in order to replace my tattered prayer flags.
A google earth image of the Silver Moonbeam. ;)
I promise myself that I will spend more time there this summer. I want to spruce things up. A little Tin Can gypsy decor.
That is, if I can tear myself away from the wild horses.



  1. so good to see springtime at red feather......


    1. SO good. I've been missing that place.
      Glad you stopped by for a peek.

  2. Springtime in the Rockies! What a glorious time of year.
    ANd I'm loving the idea of Tin Can Gypsy decor. You must photograph the interior when you're through!

    1. I find myself singing John Denver songs when I'm in the Rockies! Ha!
      For sure I will share with you any makeover. It's going to be fun. :)

  3. It's lovely to see your special retreat again. And signs of the critters that live there. In a perfect world, you'd have wild horses on the prairie right next to all this! We still have large patches of snow, but it is melting, too. Lots of chipmunks running around and a full chorus of bird song in the morning now that the migrants have arrived, and happy velvety mosses coming out from under the snow.

    1. You are right. I'd move the prairie and the mustangs south, next to Red Feather Lakes. Best of both!
      Happy to hear your forest is bursting with lively signs of spring. :)

  4. 100mph winds- Uff-Da. I went for a walk recently in 50mph wind and it was a battle, almost like swimming. Sorry about the bunny.

    1. Bahahaha! I laughed so hard at that! (Swimming...I get it.)
      Thanks Jerry.

  5. Bobcat lives. The bunny didn't die in vain. Blessed be the prey. I often wonder what it is in me that thrills at the hunt...
    I can almost smell the Rocky Mtn air! The scat reeks of intriguing stories. (pun intended) Would love to see the critters come and go.
    Thank you for sharing! I wouldn't want to leave the wild ones either:-)

    1. I don't want to miss any more of the action with the animals. So, we're getting one of those cams to set up at the trailer. Fun! I'll keep you posted.